Raspberry Pi Version

Playstation with Raspberry PI

With the console, games (ROMS) from various consoles, e.g. Playstation, Super Nintendo, Sega and many more.

The heart of the console is the Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computer. The Playstation is the first platform I've ever married to the Raspberry Pi.

The hardware is firmly bolted inside the console, via special molded parts made of PETG plastic. The required connections are accessible via adapter. The inside of the console is absolutely stable and built with secure detachable connections. Controllers and other interfaces can be connected to the console via the 4 USB ports. There is a USB-enabled replacement controller for almost every old game console. Take a look over the top of the controller area. The console can be connected to the existing network via an Ethernet cable (patch cable). The Raspberry Pi 3 is also about the WLAN. The video and audio output is easily via HDMI or the RCA connector.

Some of the Playstation titles and many other games that have ever been played by Nintendo (NES and SNES), Sega and Co. can be played on this console.


If you need the component assortment with 3D parts, please ask me.

3D Files

If you want to print the parts yourself, the 3D files on Thingiverse are available for download.

Standard Grey

These are the current photos for version 1.1. The material is PETG in grey.

Trailer Video

The video shows a small all-round view of the console.

Build Video

Assembly of the console with all components is shown step by step in this video. The video is based on version 1, but can also be converted to version 1.1.

3D Print Video

The 3D printing of a set takes about 7 hours. You can watch a timelapse video on Youtube.